The Point of Adoration

The Compass gives you the correct (geographical) direction and compass bearing to the Qiblih from all major cities worldwide. Wherever you travel - you will easily find the prayer direction. When you order from us - we provide you with a table and map for the prayer direction.

Never miss the prayer direction to the Qiblih anymore. Small size and easy to use! You will at no time be without it... For personal prayers! Great tool for Local Spiritual Assemblies (useful for prayer meetings, Holy Days, weddings, funerals and more). Order your compass today! International delivery!


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Small size and weight

The Bahá'í Compass model 9: Full Size: 44 mm (1,73 in). Weight: 14 gr (0,03 lb). Colors: Black + Gold letters. Arabic / Latin numbers. Below is a larger photo:

The Bahá'í Compass

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