The Bahá'í Compass - Questions and Answers

Here are information about the Compass and some questions.

The Bahá'í Compass is made by Silva Sweden AB. It has extremely fast settling. The Compass is a precision instrument used all over the world.

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Question: I understand that the direction to the Qiblih must follow the great circle arc from Bahji to where one is on the planet. This is clear not only from geometry, but from historical practice of Muslims.  I am hoping to find a reference - from Shoghi Effendi, the House of Justice, or the Research Department - that identifies the great circle arc as the shortest distance on a sphere. Do you know of such a reference? Thanks!

Answer: I computed the "map over the cities" to the Qiblih year 2000, with help from Silva Sweden (which manufacture the compasses) and from scientists at Universities. The Bahá'í Compass is actually the same compass as the Muslim Compass (only the logotype is changed). I know about great circles (I am not an expert!), but use a formula that take into consideration Earth declination. My computation should probably be done again in the future and corrected declination should be replaced for places far north and south.

Because of the Earth declination there seems that the direction from a compass is wrong, but because the computation recognise the magnetically fields in the Earth the Bahá'í Compass will give the "right" direction from the cities I have found. There could be of course difficulties to find the Qiblih from far North and South with a traditional compass as this.

The idea is to help the believers to find the direction as "close" as possible to the Qiblih - and not a scientific direction. The Universal House of Justice sent a nice letter to me, and accepted the Bahá'í Compass as a tool for the believers in their Obligatory prayers.  You should contact the Universal House of Justice and the Research Department. There will in no doubt in the future be done more exact calculation which will replace my formula and make the Bahá'í Compass more precise.

Question: I was wondering whether the information you provide with the compass is specific to one country or whether the map you provide can allow us to work out the Qiblih when travelling to various places.

Answer: We have listed the major cities in the world in our product sheet together with the compass. You can safe travel all the world and be able find the Qiblih from all continents. If you are in a city or place between these cities you can find the approximate prayer direction because these cities/places are often in the "same line" towards the Qiblih.

Question: Why should I buy a Bahá'í Compass when we have Google Maps direction to the Qiblih?

Answer: Good point, If you have a computer you can find the prayer direction from If you are travelling and you do not have access to a computer, what to do? With our small pocket size Bahá'í Compass you are never lost! It is small, you can have it with you at al times. It is not dependent on electricity. You do not need to access a computer.

Question: I have a Bahá'í compass on my iPhone/Android cell phone. Why should I also buy the Bahá'í Compass from you?

Answer: Nice. If you are comfortable using iPhone/Android cell phone, that's fine. What happens when the battery is dead, or you forgot your cell phone? When you change to another cell phone - maybe it does not have the same software/application? If you are working in restricted areas where you cannot use your cell phone, what to do?

Also for for old models of iPod Touch / iPad you need a real compass to find magnetic North.

If you always have the Bahá'í Compass with you you are never lost.

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